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Distance Education Semester Prep Checklist

Getting Ready

Can you see all of your courses? 

Are all your assigned courses for the next semester listed in the Online Schedule and in Blackboard? If not, please verify with your department that you are assigned the course. If you have verified you are assigned to the course and you do have missing classes, please send the synonym(s) of the missing course(s) to pamela.montalbano@austincc.edu.

Course Copy

Have you copied your course from the previous semester or previous year to each and every section of the course you plan to teach? See Copying Course Content for step-by-step instructions.

Course Syllabus

A special adaptation of the master syllabus template has been approved for use during the current pandemic crisis while campuses are closed to students. Note that addenda and other changes will be made as the situation evolves. Visit the Master Syllabus Checklist & Template for details: https://www.austincc.edu/offices/academic-outcomes-assessment/master-syllabi/master-syllabus-checklist

Is your current syllabus available in the Course Schedule? If not, visit Lighthouse: https://eapps.austincc.edu/lighthouse/

Update Your Course for the New Semester

Have you made the necessary modifications and updates to your courses? If you use due dates or have ‘start and end dates’ for different assignments, have you reset these dates? Double-check course content and references (videos, hyperlinks, etc.). Make sure any course activities are active and working (quizzes, discussion forums, etc.). Is your orientation exercise ready? Check out the Teaching & Learning Knowledge Base for articles about Blackboard.

Online Testing

Testing for courses will be online. Visit the Testing Guide to find detailed instructions and procedures for all the online testing options available at ACC.

Resources for Students

The Office of Distance & Alternative Education has various resources that you are welcome to add to your Blackboard course. Here are a few helpful links:

Area of Study Advisors for Distance Education

Advisors are available for distance education students at every stage of their education journey at ACC. DE students starting their educational program are recommended to visit with an ACC Area of Study Advisor to help them get started on the right track.

Early Intervention Program

This program is available to help improve our retention and success rates. Submit an Early Intervention Request Form to request assistance in reaching DE students who have missed online orientations, fallen behind in coursework, neglected to submit assignments or exams, or if the Office of Distance & Alternative Education can provide student services referral information.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is now available for ACC students. Find more information on the Learning Labs website and Schedule an Online Tutoring Session.

Class in Session

Blackboard Opens

Your Blackboard course should already be available to your students online. Remember: Classes need to be updated before the first day of class.

Welcome/Getting Started Message

Consider a Welcome/Getting Started message through email or on Blackboard to engage students early.

Contact Support

This article was created and is maintained by the Office of Academic Technology.

If you have found an error in this article, or if you need assistance incorporating this article into your course, please contact the Faculty Instructional Support Specialist.

Updated on May 4, 2021

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