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Building a Panopto Quiz


1. First, select the Content Area (or a Course Menu Link) where you want your quiz to be.

  1. Content link in navigation menu 2. Then select the Build Content button at the top of the page and click Panopto Quiz.

Build Content Menu

This will take you to the Content menu, check the settings below:

    • Name: Name your assessment as you’d like 
    • Points Possible: assign how many points your assessment is worth 
    • Visible to Students: check Yes for students to be able to see their grades.
    • Permit Users to View this Content: check Yes for all users to see this quiz
    • Track Number of Views: check Yes if you want to track how many times people have viewed the quiz .

 3. Now create the assessment and select Submit.

Note: The following is an example of completed quiz values.

Quiz information box


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Updated on November 2, 2022

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